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Login FAQ

Common Snow College Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Logins 

Please use your Snow College email account (e.g. ) to login to Snow College systems such as Badgerweb, Canvas, or Snow Email. 

  1. When I setup two-factor on my phone it asks me to scan a QR codeHow can I do that on my phone, while following the two-factor instructions? 
    It is best to set up two-factor authentication on a computerThen you can scan the QR code using your phoneIf you want to setup two-factor from your phone, please use the text message method for simplicity.

  2. I used email in the spring on my iphone or android phone but I don’t seem to be receiving any messages nowWhat should I do?
    Logout of your email account on your phone and then login againYou may be asked to setup two-factor authentication again

  3. Is it easier to set up two-factor authentication on a computer or on my phone
    It is easiest to set it up on the computer.  Then you can use your phone to scan the QR code if you are using the authenticator app or you can use your phone to receive a code via text messaging

  4. I’m trying to login using my gmail or other personal email account and it is not workingWhat should I do?
    You need to use your full Snow Email account (e.g. ) to login.

  5. I’m trying to login to Badgerweb through a saved link I got in an email and am getting a “login denied” messageWhat should I do
    Use the links on the hamburger menu on to access Badgerweb or Canvas. 

  6. I just got my welcome to Snow Email and can’t seem to login to Badgerweb, or Canvas todayWhat should I do?
    It can take up to 24 hours for your new account to be createdPlease wait for a day and try againIf you can’t login 24 hours after your welcome email please submit a help desk ticket

  7. I setup two factor on my old phone but now I have a new phone and new number and can’t get into my accountWhat should I do?
    Call 435-283-7777 or 435-283-7099 for assistance or submit a ticket using the support ticket Button above

Please visit the IT webpage for more information about Snow College systems: 

Instructions and FAQ's can be found for setting up two-factor authentication at the following URL: